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My story starts in April 2018 where I noticed that my bodily water works did not seem to be working in the normal way. Like a lot of men I put it to the back of my mind, not thinking anything was wrong and that it would sort itself out after a period of time.

I am currently employed as a HGV driver for Sainsburys supermarkets so naturally it had an impact on this, as being in charge of an articulated vehicle and having water work problems somehow did not fit together, as being able to just pull over and go to the toilet was not really an option. It was around this time that there was a lot of media news that Bill Turnbull the BBC presenter was suffering from Prostate Cancer and that it had been found by the fact that he too had had water work problems.

This is where my journey first began, as my wife Sheila, to who I have been married for 38yrs, drove me mad to get my problem checked out by my GP. Reluctantly I relented and booked the appointment, and maybe the greatest stroke of luck befell me, as the GP who examined me was an ex urinary hospital doctor who had gone into GP practice. He was very aware of the signs coming from the examination and the need to get further tests done at the hospital.

First of all I had to have a biopsy taken of the prostate, together with a MRI scan to give definitive knowledge of what the problem was and how they were intending to deal with it. At this stage I still had no idea what my problem was and had to just wait for the results to come back. An appointment was made for me to see Professor Sherif and it was at this point I was made aware of the results. This appointment took place and I was informed that I had prostate cancer and it needed to be dealt with.

I don’t think anyone prepares themselves for those devastating few words. I was given options as to how I wanted to proceed and what treatment I wished to go forward with. Both my wife and I opted for the Prostatectomy as this would totally remove the cancer, and I was booked in for the procedure on 18th September 2018, to be carried out by the Professor.

I am now minus my prostate and over a year later am hopefully continuing to be cancer free.

The whole procedure, although very uncomfortable, took place and left me needing a good restful period afterwards, but I have to say it has given me some of the funniest moments, due to the alien condition the procedure leaves you in. Would I go through it again? YES I WOULD as the treatment process I received, from all the medical teams, was absolutely brilliant and made my journey easier than what it might have been.

I would like to finish off by trying to get the message out to everyone that reads this. The signs for me were not of a nature that would have given me undue concern, as there was no pain or discomfort when passing water, but I knew something was not right. So if in doubt, get it checked out, as the consequences for not doing so can be far worse.

Concluding my journey I would like to say, Keep well everyone and remember the treatment for this disease is now very advanced and effective, but by getting early detection you can definitely help your situation. So please make all of your friends aware of this.

Enjoy life.

Michael Careys story which show him fit and well playing badminton after surgery.

Michael Carey

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