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About Us

We cannot give you medical advice (even though a Macmillan Nurse will be present) but we can share experiences and offer you a caring support group and the chance to talk about things that worry or concern you, no matter how small. Our support group enjoys the benefit of professional speakers where some of your questions may be answered or discussed. So whatever you need - a shoulder to cry on, people to make you smile, advice on practical issues, someone to ask "what is treatment like?" - we are here for you. The "US" Support Group is here to help you, your partner, your carers and family. The "US" Support Group offers friendship and encouragement and after each presentation there is the opportunity to raise issues that concern you, over tea and coffee with other members.

We also have the services of a urology nurse who is available to offer a support network for those people who have been or are affected by a non-cancerous urological a condition.

We meet six times a year and organise social events. Please attend a meeting - we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly reception, with no obligation to become part of the group. Attending a meeting is informative and educational, where you will learn something new, get encouragement and an acknowledgement that you are not alone in trying to stay resilient, in spite of the uncertainties and tribulations that come with a cancer diagnosis.

We hope you will find this out for yourself at our next meeting.

Our Mission Statement

To offer support with diagnosis and treatments to both patients and family members.

To be able to share experiences in a informal setting.

To inspire and empower people effected by cancer.

Our Vision

To provide additional support to every patient to enable them to make better informed decisions.

The Chairman

Paul Rainer

The Chairman

Jon Slate
(Vice Chairman)

There are five urological cancers:

prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and penile cancer.

Let "US" Help You